Clogged Pores on Face

Large pores on face

You’ve probably looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed your large pores staring back at you.  It’s important to know that our skin has thousands of pores and that pore size is likely caused be genetic and hormonal factors, but you still wish you can shrink your pores and get rid of the large pores on your face.  After all, large pores on your face cannot easily be hidden and are there for the whole world to see.  You may have tried different techniques, from egg white soap to splashing cold water on your face only to achieve a temporary fix.

large pores on face
Close up of large pores

If you are pale-skinned, you will most likely have smaller pores.  Persons with darker skin have large pores on face.  Additionally, your skin type may add to the problem.  Dry skin appears to have smaller or practically invisible pores while oily skin has more visible pores.

A Love-Hate Relationship with Your Pores

While you may hate your large pores on face, you may need some reminding that pores actually play an important role in your skin.  Pores help our bodies get rid of waste material such as toxins and they also help our body regulate the body temperature.  The issue of large pores on face becomes apparent when nasty dirt and greasy sweaty oily buildup stay in your pores and clogs them.

It is important to know that you can’t actually “shrink” your pores. They’re nothing but small openings in the skin — because they don’t have muscles, they can’t open or close. So although you can’t physically change the structure of your pores by making them smaller, there are things that you can do to minimize their appearance.

Large pores are caused by a variety of factors, and if you know what they are, it can be easier to decide what treatment options will be helpful to you. There are also some makeup tips and tricks you can incorporate into your routine to make pores look smaller and less noticeable. Finally, there are some preventive measures you can take so you don’t make the problem worse.

Cleaning pores

Cleaning pores is something that those of us with large pores want to know how to do.  We don’t want to do anything that may exacerbate the problem and make our pores look bigger in the long run and honestly, dermatologists say that you can’t really shrink your pores, but you can minimize them with proper skincare routine.

clogged pores on face
Pores can be minimized with proper skin care routine.

How to unclog pores

  • Use the right skin care.  Moisturizers that contain too much oil can make your pores look bigger.    Stay away from skincare products that have a greasy texture or are meant for dry skin.  If you have oily skin, you do not need to apply super emollient moisturizers on your skin since this will lead to clogged pores.
  • Use products that will not irritate or dry your skin.  This will actually create a vicious cycle on your skin.  Irritating products will actually tell the hair follicle to produce more oil and more oil production means oilier skin, means clogged pores.
  • Use facial cleansers that have a water base.   Stay away from bar soaps or any soaps that can have a drying effect. Often times, ingredients in these soaps can actually clog your pores. Remember that anything that dries your skin can eventually cause irritation leading up to that vicious cycle mentioned above.  Dryness causes oil production causes clogged pores.
  • Use a product that contains salicylic acid but that has not other irritating ingredients.   Although products containing salicylic acid have been know to irritate skin, not all products that contain salicylics irritate the skin.  It is usually the other ingredients that will cause your skin to flare up and become irritated.  But if you use the correct product then the salicylic acid will exfoliate the skin on the surface and remove excess skin cells that can accumulate at the base of the hair follicle and cause acne.  A good salicylic acid product will also penetrate the pore to clean it and exfoliate it from within and therefore, improve the shape of the pore.  It will not shrink it but will minimize pore size.
  • Use skincare products that will absorb excess oil.   Many cosmetic products are now making oil absorbing or oil free products.  Some of these promise to absorb oil all day long.  Some at home treatments work wonders to absorb oils and organic masks made of clays and muds can make your pores look much smaller and your face feel clean.
  • Use prescription products if needed but make sure you see your dermatologist.  Prescription products such as any tretinoin or retinoids can help you if you are really struggling with acne and large pores.  Many of these prescription products work at the cellular level and can actually change the structure of your pores.  If you are considering going for the “big guns” of skin care, make sure you under the care of your dermatologist.
  • Use skin care products that have lots of antioxidants.   When your skin has the nourishment it needs to be healthy it will show you its appreciation by glowing and looking radiant.  Your skin needs to be nourished by absorbing antioxidants that work at the cellular level.  Make sure though, that any product you’re using is thin enough and not super emollient that it will clog your pores.
  • Use birth control pills, if facial oil production is a problem.  This would be for women, obviously, whose pores produce a lot of oil.  You need to speak to your gynecologist and ensure she knows why you are requesting to be put on the pill for the sake of your oily skin.  Many low-dose birth control pills have been know to  reduce the problem.