The Secret to Frizz Free Hair

Beautiful Me is expanding to cover all things related to beauty as it affects us women.  We know that having beautiful skin is of utmost importance to us but what about our hair?  A woman’s hair is considered her crowning glory.  So much so that we find examples in the folk lore and myths across cultures and religions.  We know of Rapunzel who had her long golden locks and used them to attract her prince and help him climb the tower of love; Delilah, the cunning temptress who used her charm and guile to cut off Samson’s hair; Medusa, whose hair had snakes protruding from it.  In many religions, a woman must not cut her hair and some must cover their head and hair while in public.

So how can we keep our hair from being at its optimal best?  Hair must be pampered just like you pamper your skin.  A lot of times we neglect to take care of our hair not realizing that hair can suffer from the same environmental hazards that cause our skin to age, break out, and look dull and dry.

Hair is made of protein and as such it reflects your overall health just like your skin does.

How to tame frizzy hair and have your hair look beautiful

If your hair is looking dry and lackluster it is probably because you are using harsh products or over washing your hair.  Yes, that’s correct.  Using cheap products that dry out your hair and strip it of its natural oils can be very damaging to your hair.  Our hair needs its natural oils to help coat it and stop hair from frizzing up.  Hair is made up of tile-like shingles that is called the cuticle.  If your hair is dry and you want to tame frizzy hair it is most likely that you’ve overdone it with the harsh chemical in either the shampoos you’re using or the treatments such as hair coloring that you’ve done in the past.

tame frizzy hair
Learn to tame your frizzy hair

Another reason your hair may be damaged and frizzy is that you’re overstimulating oil production by over washing.  Yes, although that sounds counter-intuitive, it’s actually true.  The more you wash your hair, the more you strip it of its essential oils; thus you create a vicious cycle that only ends up leaving your hair super dry in the ends but oily in the scalp.  The recommended course is to take a pass on daily washing and wait even two to three days to wash your hair.

If you pamper your hair like you do your face, you’ll see gradual improvements in the condition of both your hair and scalp.